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Locksmith Tiger GA has a rich history. Since the American Civil War, locksmiths from this region have been shaping the way locks are used. From house keys to automobile keys, these men and women have been invaluable. One thing they are not allowed to do is change the keys or make duplicate keys. Locksmiths in the city of Columbus Georgia are also authorized to install and repair locks.

Locksmith Tiger GA

Locksmiths in Columbus Georgia are licensed by the state to work in the business. They have all of the necessary training, tools and insurance required to safely and accurately work with locks. Locksmiths are required to be bonded and have a license in order to provide locksmith services in the state of Georgia. All locksmiths must carry proof of insurance to protect themselves and others from unforeseen damages.

If you are a resident of the city of Columbus Georgia, then you may need to contact a local locksmith to help you with any of your needs. Locksmiths can be found all throughout the city. Many of them are happy to offer free estimates, but there are other locksmiths who will come to your home and perform the service for a fee. The price you pay for any of these services will vary greatly depending on the locksmith and the extent of the job.

A good locksmith in the city of Columbus will be knowledgeable about the many kinds of locks available. He or she will know which type is right for your particular needs and where to find it. It can sometimes be difficult to choose a locksmith. The first step to picking one is to look in the Yellow Pages of your telephone book.

Locksmiths in the city of Columbus Georgia are not all created equal. There are many scams that are being run. Locksmith tiger is one well known locksmith in the triad. This company has been around for many years. They are very experienced and skilled at what they do. Their customer service is also top notch.

Locksmith tiger is also known as Locksmith Services. Locksmith Services is owned and operated by David L. Dawes. They have been in business for over 17 years. The owner started his locksmithing business in 1979. Locksmith tiger is located at 810 SE Third Avenue Suite #B2-100, Suite #A-100, Columbus, Georgia. This company serves clients throughout the central Georgia area.

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