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When usually think of a local locksmith, probably not many people think of one that deals specifically with residential locks. However, there certainly is a wide assortment of services which locksmith firms offer. Some individuals are simply unfamiliar with certain services offered by professional locksmiths, so feel the need to outline some of the less known options. If you are ever unsure as to whom to call for assistance, simply review the services offered at this site.

Changing Keys – If you have misplaced the keys to your home or car, a reliable local locksmith can assist you in replacing the deadbolt and giving you a new key. This service is often referred to as key duplication, due to the fact that it is technically considered part of the locksmith’s job to duplicate keys. If you do not yet have a deadbolt installed on your front door or apartment, then you will have to get a spare key from the house owner. Replacing the key with a new one, and installing it in the same location, is often the best course of action when lost keys arise.

Key Copying / Duplication – There are times when a master key may be lost, but other keys are still in the possession of the homeowner. If you are the home owner, and you accidentally leave your keys behind, you can contact a local locksmith in order to duplicate those keys. Master keys are generally safe to use, and duplicate them for a small fee. You should use a different master key for any other locks which may be involved in the case of a key copying situation. You should never use the same key for a car, bike, or any other type of vehicle, since doing so could allow anyone to break in unannounced.

Keyless Entry / Unlocking – Should the need arise, you will most likely want to be able to lock/unlock your front door from either inside your house or from a nearby driveway or street. A local locksmith can help you with these situations, by duplicating your existing key, and installing a new keyless entry lock. A keyless entry lock is completely self-contained and operates by picking only a secret code in order to open the door. There are many brand names of these locks, and they all work in a similar way. The major difference between them lies in the security and the feature of each lock.

Lost Keys – You probably have plenty of keys on hand at all times. Unfortunately, sometimes even the most trustworthy people can lose their keys without realizing it. In these cases, a local locksmith can help you solve your problem. Many locksmiths in the Miami-Dade County area specialize in helping people who have lost keys, and can make the lost keys themselves using their special equipment.

Deadbolt Key Replacement – Keys that have been left out in the open can pose quite a risk for anyone’s personal safety. When keys are left out, burglars know that these locks can easily be opened with a key. A local locksmith can assist you with deadbolt key replacement in the event that you have accidentally locked yourself out of your home or car. By replacing your deadbolt locks with new ones, you can ensure that your home and car are much safer, and less likely to become a target. Look up your local locksmith to see if they offer this service.

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