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From the Emmy-award winning educational program, “Sesame Street”, creators of “Sesame Street”, teach basic reading and grammar skills to preschoolers, kids 6-11 through music, sketch comedy, and animated segments, all aimed at an even younger audience. Designed for an even younger audience, “The Electric Company,” features skits like Letterman’s “Fart of the Month”, Love of Chair, and “I Am Number Four”.

Letterman is often portrayed as an extremely funny guy. In this episode, Letterman introduces “Letterman and Friends”, a short sketch that includes Letterman as “Letterman”, the host, along with his friends: Chris Elliott, Jennifer Aniston, Jimmy Fallon, and Steve Martin. In the clip, Letterman dances to “Waltz for Letterman” to “Happy Birthday”. This clip is similar to the song “Happy Birthday” by John Cougar Mellencamp, performed by Jimmy Page in 1974. “The Electric Company”, another great Sesame Street sketch, featured Letterman dancing to The Beatles’ song “All I’ve Got to Do is Dream.”

In addition to the great music, this sketch shows Letterman as funny and knowledgeable, while maintaining an edge over his friends. “The Electric Company,” another Sesame Street show, also featured musical numbers that showed Letterman dancing and talking in the studio with famous singers and performers, such as: Paul McCartney, The Black Eyed Peas, Beyonce Knowles, David Bowie, Britney Spears, Madonna, Usher, Michael Jackson, Prince, and many more.

After Letterman is elected mayor of New York City, he goes to the Big Apple to address the problems that are affecting the city’s citizens. In this episode, Letterman talks about the problems with poverty, crime, education, and the environment. He also discusses the importance of the Big Apple’s Sesame Street, which is one of the most important things that he has ever seen. He talks about how important the Big Apple is, and how great it is for kids.

During his talk, Letterman encourages people to have a look at the Big Apple, visit with children, or go to school together. One of the most memorable parts of the show is Letterman’s “Fart of the Month” skit, which included Letterman dancing to “Happy Birthday.” It was played for eleven minutes and won an Emmy award, which was given to Letterman by Sesame Street co-creators Jim Lehrer and Craig McCracken.

In addition to Letterman’s dance to “Happy Birthday,” Letterman also introduced “Waltz for Letterman,” which was played with his friend, George Clooney, to explain why we should get together and sing together. In this sketch, Letterman encourages everyone to sing along with the song’s lyrics.

Letterman then performs “Mystery of the Month”, where he dances to “Hail Mary.” “Jingle Bells” is playing in this episode to give Letterman an introduction to “Sesame Street” history. Letterman and John Mulaney, both of whom were guest stars in “The Electric Company,” both appear in this sketch. In this segment, Letterman performs his sketch with George Clooney, who is also guest starring in “Mystery of the Month.” After Letterman sings “Mystery of the Month” he sings “Hail Mary” for George Clooney.

“Letterman and John Mulaney” are a fun and entertaining episode of “The Electric Company”. If you want to see Letterman and some of his best comedy work, you should definitely watch this episode. It will make you smile. Letterman also sings “Waltz for Letterman” to start off the episode, as well as playing a wonderful game with George Clooney on “Mystery of the Month.” All in all, this is an episode that any “Electric Company” fan will enjoy.

Letterman’s first “Big E” sketch in a while makes this a must-watch. “Big E” is played by John Mulaney, who also performed “Waltz for Letterman.” The two comedians play a pair of old-school wrestlers and wrestle each other to the ground to settle a match.

During the second half of the show, Letterman performs “Ladies’ Night,” where he plays an announcer for women and their husbands. Letterman also takes a few jabs at Muppets Kermit the Frog for being a bad influence on Letterman’s career, as well as asking Muppets characters about their love lives.

Overall, “The Electric Company” has been a very popular show since it first aired back in the 70s. Its legacy continues, and fans have continued to show up to see Letterman perform. He has also developed a wide fan base across the world. He has also had some of the most memorable sketches and impressions, making this show a hit for more than thirty years.

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